Why Choose Physical Therapy

There are as many reasons people chose physical therapy as there are injuries …

Medication-free treatment

Studies show that injuries, particularly back pain, are often over-treated with prescription drugs and expensive evaluations. In most cases, physical therapy and simple, over-the-counter pain medication can both ease the pain and address the root cause of the issue.

Alternative to surgery

Sometimes surgery is necessary. However, in certain cases, studies have shown physical therapy to be equally effective, and , with lower risk and cost. For example, physical therapy is a proven alternative to surgery in the case of knee pain resulting from a torn meniscus. Read the article here.

Heal faster after surgery

In the case of total knee and hip replacements, a recent study showed that starting a “rapid rehabilitation” physical therapy program reduced the overall length of hospital stay for over 70% of patients.

Find pain relief

According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) low back pain survey, “Nearly two-thirds of Americans experience low back pain, but 37 percent do not seek professional help for pain relief.” Studies have shown that early physical therapy intervention can relieve pain and reduce health care utilization.

Accountability leads to recovery

We often hear patients say, “It’s a good thing I have appointments because I know that you will ‘make me’ do my exercises.” We are all busy and between working full days and taking care of family, our own recovery often falls last. A physical therapist can help you create a physical therapy program that fits you.

Age with grace

As we age, we begin experiencing new aches and pains either from everyday activities or starting a new fitness program. It happens to the best of us. Physical therapy can help you regain control and range of motion. Additionally, your physical therapist can recommend exercises that will strengthen muscles and help prevent repeat injuries.

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I made steady progress and everyone was very helpful. I feel like I can return to more walking and not be in constant pain.

– Dorothy S., Excel Physical Therapy Patient