Excel Physical Therapy Patient Resources

There are many ways patients learn about Excel Physical Therapy in Oshkosh. Whether your doctor has referred physical therapy for recovery from an injury or you yourself have decided it’s is the next step in pain relief, we are happy to have you. Below are some patient resources for you.

Physician referral to physical therapy

When you are referred to physical therapy, your Excel physical therapist becomes part of your medical care team. Excel Physical Therapy is a preferred physical therapist for Oshkosh and the Fox Valley because of our team’s specialist certifications in strength and conditioning; vestibular rehabilitation; and vertigo, dizziness and balance problems.

Self-referral to physical therapy

Many insurance companies do not require a referral for treatment. This is good news when you are faced with an unexpected sprain, sports injury, work-related injury or a variety of other conditions. Excel Physical Therapy’s patients find physical therapy to be an effective solution for getting to the root cause of the pain, managing it and getting back to life.

If you are wondering if physical therapy is the right option to address your pain, call us to schedule a free consultation. We will walk you through the options and help you decide the right path of treatment for you.

Looking for a new approach

Excel Physical Therapy sees patients who have lived with chronic pain or an injury that hasn’t resolved and are looking for a new approach. Maybe you have seen various types of doctors or therapists in the past but are still searching for relief. Or, you may have found temporary relief but have yet to understand the underlying cause of the recurring problem. We are here to listen to about what you’ve already tried, and then help find a way for you to get back to life.

If you are trying physical therapy for the first time and are also working with a physician, we are always happy to work together to get you better, faster while reducing the need for expensive tests and invasive procedures.