Physical Therapy Services

shoulder physical therapy

Shoulder Physical Therapy

Excel physical therapists specialize in shoulder injury, assist with shoulder and arm pain treatment and restore motion after rotator cuff surgery.

Back Physical Therapy

You don’t have to suffer with back pain—our trained physical therapists design back pain treatments for each patient to help with back pain relief.

patient getting neck physical therapy

Neck Physical Therapy

Excel Physical Therapy is board certified and can customize treatment to help bring neck pain relief so you can resume daily activities without pain.

patient treated for knee physical therapy

Knee Physical Therapy

Knee injuries can result in substantial knee pain. Excel’s highly trained physical therapists can help develop a customized knee therapy program.

person walking without foot and ankle pain

Foot Physical Therapy

Our team at Excel Physical Therapy will identify the root cause of ankle and foot pain in order to develop customized joint pain treatments.


Hip Physical Therapy

The team at Excel Physical Therapy treats a number of different conditions related to hip and pelvis pain.

athletic recovery at Excel Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

We know you’re anxious to get back in the game. Excel Physical Therapy will work with you to get you back on the field as quickly as possible.

dizziness and balance exercises

Dizziness & Balance

Excel Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services that can reduce dizziness and improve balance so you can get back to life.