Workers’ Compensation Physical Therapy

Workers’ Compensation Physical Therapy

When you have a workplace injury, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Insurance companies and paperwork can feel never-ending. On top of that, you’ve got to deal with your injury!

That’s where we come in.

Research shows physical therapy is the best place to start to reduce workers’ comp costs and reduce back, shoulder and neck problems. Excel Physical Therapy provides top-rated physical therapy in Oshkosh for all types of workplace injuries.

As part of our top-rated physical therapy services, we give you an accurate diagnosis, provide custom treatment, minimize medication and surgeries and get you back to work fast. Here’s how.

Why go to Excel Physical Therapy for workers’ comp physical therapy?

We have physical therapists who are board-certified in orthopedic physical therapy specialize in treating muscular, joint and spine problems. You meet directly with the same therapist at every session – not an aid or assistant – allowing you to get the best care.

While you receive one dedicated physical therapist, we operate as a team and cross-consult each other on challenging cases, giving you expertise from an entire group of advanced physical therapists.

Our extended workers’ comp physical therapy sessions last 45-60 minutes, allowing us more time with you, so you can get back to work faster.

Speaking of faster, we can treat you in less than three weeks from when you first schedule an appointment – because we know the faster you get treatment, the less time is lost at work and the less likely you will have ongoing problems.

Interested in preventing a workplace injury at your corporation? We provide a work injury prevention program  where we’ll visit your workplace and evaluate the injury risk for individual jobs.

Get Started with Workers’ Comp Physical Therapy

Don’t let pain slow you down. A physical therapist at Excel Physical Therapy will help get you back to working order in no time, while reducing the need for expensive tests and invasive procedures.

Schedule a full appointment or call Excel Physical Therapy at 920-345-0719 for a free consultation to discuss your workplace injury. Or fill out our contact form. We’ll find a time that works for you.

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