You rely on your employees to keep operations running smoothly. Your employees rely on you to ensure their health and safety on the job.

Our physical therapy services for employers are customized to your work place to meet the needs of your company and employees. Functional capacity evaluations ensure your employees are physically ready to tackle the job and work injury prevention programs are designed to reduce the potential for injury before it happens.

Functional capacity evaluation

After an injury, it is often difficult for employers to know when to bring an employee back to work and what tasks to designate, especially if the employee returns to work before he or she is fully healed. In addition to physician recommendations, a functional capacity evaluation will provide your company with solid parameters for the work your employee can and cannot perform based on his or her level of recovery.

Excel Physical Therapy is a local, family owned business. We always provide unbiased, science-based functional capacity reporting. Every functional capacity evaluation is customized to your employee’s job description and the demands of your specific work environment.

Work injury prevention programs

Injuries, whether on or off the clock, can be costly for both you and your employees. In addition to the physical and emotional stress of an injury, medical bills and lost work time can lead to personal financial troubles. Lost production time, a hit to your safety record and temporarily vacant positions can add up, especially for a small company.

Excel Physical Therapy’s work injury prevention programs are designed to spot potential risks within the workplace from office work stations to the manufacturing floor. We then work with you to train employees, either individually or as a group, on how to reduce and avoid these risks by using more effective position while lifting and moving.

Lowering the risk of injury in the workplace helps to lower your workers’ compensation costs and keeps employees productive, efficient and healthy.

Early intervention programs

Mild injuries or repetitive trauma can lead to more serious problems if the root cause is not addressed. Employers may identify employees who are experiencing minor injuries on the job can reduce lost time by intervening before there is a significant injury. Our staff can evaluate the worker and the work to address factors that may be contributing to injury. Small and midsized companies may not have access to large scale ergonomics programs. We can assist those employers by evaluating the areas were they may be seeing problems.


“The staff are fun, good at what they do and very helpful. I got good results!”

– Lauran R., Excel Physical Therapy Patient