How to Exercise at Home During COVID-19 Social Distancing

woman sitting on mat in living room with weights

With the spread of COVID-19 (a.k.a., the coronavirus), we strongly recommend staying home and practicing social distancing. This can cause a huge disruption in our daily lives—our  exercise routines included. Gyms have closed and group fitness classes are cancelled. We find ourselves looking for ways to exercise at home.

It’s hard to have the motivation for a home workout, but we’re in a time when exercise and physical fitness could do a lot of good. Regular exercise is proven to help stabilize and even strengthen the immune system. While it doesn’t prevent you from contracting a virus like COVID-19, it does help your body build an immune system to more easily fight off such viruses. Plus, exercising is key to reducing daily stress and boosting one’s overall mood—something we need more than ever right now.

You can still get your weekly dose of exercise while being socially distant. Here’s five tips to exercise at home during coronavirus.

Try Virtual Classes/Apps

There are a number of free and paid services and apps available to get your workout done at home. You can find cardio, yoga, stationary, cycling and more! Some higher-end workout services are offering extended free trial sessions during the current pandemic. Some gyms, like Planet Fitness®, are even streaming daily workouts during their closures.

Become One with Nature

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a home workout, but it is socially distant. Head to local parks, trails and wildlife areas to hike, run, cycle. Get your workout in by enjoying the fresh air and natural sites, but be sure to keep your distance from others. Here’s a list of Winnebago parks and trails open during social distancing.

Be Creative at Home

You can still get a home workout without the hard-core equipment your gym offers. With a little imagination, items like soup cans can serve as weights, towels can be resistance bands, and a set of stairs can be your cardio machine. Even cooperative young children can offer added weight during resistance exercises.

Use Your Body Weight

Burpees, lunges, squats, push-ups and sit-ups (to name a few) can combine for an effective workout. Also, don’t forget cool-down stretching to exercise your flexibility.

Get Stuff Done

Here’s your chance to multitask! Consider home projects a part of your workout routine. Set time aside to do deep cleaning and organizing or get to hose home maintenance projects you’ve been putting off. Even yardwork and gardening can make great workouts.

There are plenty of ways you can exercise at home during COVID-19. Even though you’re at home, don’t take exercise too casually. Be sure to always warm up before following through on any of the above ideas. If pain or injury is keeping you sedentary, feel free to contact us at Excel Physical Therapy and we’ll be happy to assess the issue and offer potential treatments and alternatives.